Emco Maier PCMill-55 CNC Mill, Machining
a Geneva Gear using Emco's WinCam

Emco Maier PCMill-55 CNC Mill, Machining
an STL Solid Model File
Using the FANUC 0 Control  

Emco Maier PCMill-55 CNC Mill, Demo of a
Thread Mill OPT.
Using FANUC 0 Control

Emco Maier PCTurn-55 CNC Lathe, Machining
a Plumb Bob Using Emco's WinCam

Emco Maier PCTurn-55 CNC Lathe, Machining
a Spindle with 1/2-20 Thread 

We have Noticed Other Ebay Auctions Now Making Reference to Our Website and This Page for Information on Emco Machines, We Fundamentally Do Not Have a Problem with This Unless They are Intentionally Trying to Mislead a Bidder to Think that It is One Of Our Machines. Our Machines are Always Sold by amanus@vnet.net China Grove, North Carolina. ALWAYS Know What you Buying, STATEMENTS LIKE, The School said it was working, or It worked Fine the Last Time we used it are a VERY BIG RED FLAG The Emco PC Machines Have to have the Following to Work 1. A computer 2. The MSD Disk for the Serial Number of that Machine  3.The Software 4. A Cable from the Computer to the Machine and a Cable from the FANUC Keyboard to the Computer 5. And Most Important the RS485 Interface Card for the Computer. 6. If the Computer is Missing Don't ASSUME the Machine or the Software or the RS485 Card Works.
On a finial note We get a lot of Phone calls from ebay buyers about Machines they bought that don't work, some we have helped at a cost, But most cases the Repair runs more that we are asking for our Machines.   


The same Statement can be made about something IN a FUNERAL HOME, After all It is IN a Working Environment 
Dosn't mean it WORKS

Thank You
Andrew Manus

New 3D Rapid-Prototyping Printer


DEMO of Our MAXNC-10 CNC Mill